Getting Things Done

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Some common tasks and how to arrange them:


Book on CDR:

  • Select the patient
  • Click Activity
  • Select the current admission and click "Details" in the bottom right
  • Click "Assessments" on the left side of the discharge page
  • Click New
  • Select category "Medical", title "Internal request - Cardiac Investigation"
  • Complete the form and save, the echo is now booked
  • If urgent, call echo on 70133 or bleep 2171

Pulmonary Function Tests

  • There is a referral form on Insight which can be emailed to the department. Search for "lung function tests" and download "LFT-request form".
  • Alternatively the lab is located on the 1st floor in outpatients (first corridor on the left), and will accept paper forms.

Nuclear Medicine

  • All nuclear medicine scans including PET, DEXA etc. can be booked with a paper form on the 5th floor. Forms are available at the Nuclear Medicine department reception desk.


  • The vascular radiologists are on the 2nd floor in the same department as day surgery. You can fill in a paper form there for doppler scans.

Home Oxygen


Referral to OPAT is by email to the 'OPAT at HTD' user group. Full instructions are on the intranet here: http://insight/departments/medicineboard/infectiondivision/OPAT/Pages/default.aspx

Radiology MDT Referral

There are 2 weekly Radiology MDT meetings: a lung cancer meeting on Monday mornings, and a general respiratory meeting at 1pm on Tuesdays. These take place in the seminar room on the 2nd floor of the tower.

To get a patient listed for discussion, email Badar Alavi.


Referral instructions can be found on the Procedures lists page. Liz Morgan co-ordinates the lists.