Getting Started

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This website works exactly like Wikipedia. Tutorials for using Wikipedia apply to this site. We cover only the most basic tasks here.

Creating an account

Use the "Create Account" button in the top right to sign up. Follow the instructions in the form.

Editing a page

If you're logged in, an 'Edit' button will be displayed at the top right of any page you view. Click this to bring up the editor page. When you are done, use the buttons at the bottom of the editor to preview and save your changes.

Creating a page

To create a new page, enter the title of your new page into the "Search" bar in the top right. If no pages are found with this name, you will be prompted to create it as a new page.

You can link to your page from other pages using double square brackets. Here is a link to the home page: Main_Page. Click the Edit button on this page to see how this link is written in source code.