Ward Induction

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Daily routine:

  • 8am: Consultant-led business round. Meet in the T8 office.
  • 9am: triage in the AMU seminar room (1st floor). One F1 goes to this and makes a list of all new patients under the chest team that day.
  • 2pm: discharge huddle.

Weekly meetings:

  • Monday morning: lung cancer MDT
  • Tuesday 1-2pm: radiology meeting (for all issues except cancer) - 2nd floor seminar room
  • Tuesday 4-5pm: Consultant-led teaching in T8 seminar room. Once a month the junior doctors will present a Morbidity and Mortality meeting - Donna will email schedules to you.
  • Friday mornings: every alternate Friday the ward SHO attends Prof. Jerry Brown's general respiratory clinic in 1st floor outpatients. On the other Fridays, an SpR will attend Prof Brown's complex bronchiectasis clinic.

The Medical Team:

  • One SHO and 2 FY1s are based on the ward. They carry bleeps 5565 (SHO) and 5143 (FY1). At least 2 of them should be present every day.
  • There are 3 SpRs but they are not always based on the ward. One often covers AMU. The others are regularly in clinic, and are responsible for ward referrals. The referrals bleep is 5120. If a referral is non-urgent, it is better to refer by email to the Respiratory SpR Referrals inbox (RespiratorySpR.WardReferrals@uclh.nhs.uk)
  • One consultant is responsible for the ward at any one time. They change approximately every month.